Paper Straw: An Alternative to Conventional Plastic Straw

Petroleum-based plastics are among the most useful invention in the history of mankind. Petroleum-based plastics can be disposable and highly durable [1]. However, we could not deny the adverse effect they have given to the environment. In addition, global climate change, caused in part by carbon dioxide released by the process of fossil fuel combustion, has become an increasingly important problem, and the disposal of items made of petroleum-based plastics, such as fast-food utensils, packaging containers, and trash bags, also creates an environmental problem.


With the rising anti-plastic straw movement last year, the demand of paper straw skyrocketed to almost 5,000 percent [2]. By default, this trend would likely to increase in the near future. Furthermore, this anti-plastic straw movement has been enforced by the law in some regions, namely Bali. It is only a matter of time for other regions to do the same thing.


In order to solve this environmental problem, there are several options available including biodegradable plastics and paper based straws. Unfortunately, the production of biodegradable plastic straw in Indonesia are still limited. However, worry not because you can order your paper straws to overcome this problem at AJ Putra Mandiri. We offer customized paper straws in diameter, colors, and also packaging. Go ahead and contact us right away.


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